Vijayamma writes to Shinde: Keep AP united

September 6, 2013
Smt. YS Vijayamma, MLA
Hon. President

Sri Sushil Kumar Shinde,
Hon’ble Union Minister for Home Affairs
New Delhi

Respected Sir,

In spite of our repeated alarm bells, we regret to inform you that we have come to know
through media that the Centre is going ahead with the cabinet note on the division of the
state of Andhra Pradesh, irrespective of the fact that 60% of the state is against the division
and has been fighting against such injustice for the past 38 days.

This amounts to ignoring fundamental principles of justice and is also in absolute disregard to
the fact that YSR Congress Party, MIM and CPI (M) are opposed to the division of the State.
It is unfortunate that the Centre is going ahead to do this injustice at the behest of Congress
party only for the sake of votes and seats, in spite of our repeated pleas to stop this injustice
and to stall this process.

At least now in the larger interest of our state, we request you to revoke your decision and
stop this injustice which is playing havoc with the lives of the people of the State.

We as YSRCP, as spoken in the past, totally oppose this bifurcation move and request you to
keep the state united.

Yours sincerely
(Y S Vijayamma)
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