Venue will not change - Strike will not stop!

The leader of Opposition, Y S Jagan planned for an indefinite hunger strike in the ULFA ground in Guntur on March 26th of this month. However, the government is planning conspiracies to manipulate and prevent the initiative. For that the YSRCP leaders fired on the Government. How many conspiracies, Naidu might rise, but the leaders said that the strike does not stop. They demanded that the government should also support the peaceful strike proposed to be done by YS Jagan on October, 26th.  The stage remains unchanged and the strike does not stop stated the leaders.

Bothsa Satyanarayana:

YSRCP Leader, Bothsa Satyanarayana expressed his anger. For the sake of business and selfish politics, Naidu has kept the State for mortgage said Bothsa.  Instead of supporting for the special status, Chandrababu Naidu is trying to criticize and cause obstruction to the initiative taken by their Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is attempting for the Special status at the risk of life commented Bothsa Satyanarayana. Instead of supporting the great attempt of YS Jagan deeksha, Naidu is creating disturbances – said Bothsa. Bothsa demanded that the Special status should be declared. How many ever trails may be made by the government, there is no looking back and the strike will take place - said Bothsa.

Bhuma Nagi Reddy:

Kurnool: The YSRCP leader, Bhuma Nagi Reddy while reporting to the media bursted in anger on Chandrababu Naidu. Keeping aside the special status, the Chief Minister is on foreign trips alleged Bhuma. He said that it is worse to suspend the professors who are supporting the Special status. Bhuma said that it is absurd for the Deputy Chief Minister K. Krishna Murty to support the act of getting the motor from Hander Neiva to Pattiseema. He commented that the government not only can relocate the motors, but will soon bring the reservoirs also.

 Visveshwar Reddy, Ananta Venkat Ram Reddy:

Anantapuram:  YSRCP MLA Visveshwar  Reddy blasted Chandra Babu on his fraudulent activities.  He mentioned that Babu has made a project to a mockery for the sake of commission of that time for the Commission to bring to the fore Reddy said. When the agreement was there for one year, and while the engineers saying also, Babu insisted that the project has to be completed in six months and became a fun object. Is he in fear that after six months he has to go to prison in connection with the vote for note case or is it any forecast made by any astrologist that Babu will lose his authority... Babu has to reveal demanded Visveshwar Reddy. Reddy commented that Babu is giving all Industries, the railway zone, current will to coastal and betraying the people of Rayalaseema. Stealing the motor and finally giving power to Coastal and not bothered about farms criticized Reddy.

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