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Will that be an eye opening to the state government!

Hyderabad: The High Court was serious on the ongoing sand mafia in Andhra Pradesh. The district collector of West Godavari district has been questioned for this un-controlled sand mining by the High Court. A petition has also been filed in the court relating to the illegal mining.

In fact, the illegal mining of sand led to a debate a few days ago at the state level. At that time, the illegal dredging of sand was stopped by the women Tehasildar, Vanajaksi. Then the beloved disciple of Naidu, TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar, attacked her by his men, where they attacked her cruelly by even holding her hair. At the time, it caused a huge sensation. The attack made by Chintamaneni on the woman Tashsildar in the day light, is well supported by Babu, shamelessly and Babu could even prove that she was wrong by approving it by the Council of Ministers.

Despite the fact, the illegal dredging of sand is continuing smoothly. The yellow brothers are grabbing how much ever they can. In this context, the comments made by the High court are considered to be important. The High Court questioned – Who gave permissions for the sand quarries? How can these excavations happen as you wish? How about the future generations? Will they not have any need for sand? Remember, Revenue is responsible for protecting natural resources which includes sand. Will the present Government open its eyes or not to seek truth? Or simply push the blame on the officials who are working based on their responsibility? Need to wait and see.
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