Unfair Behaviour of Kadiri Police

Ananthapuram: The police of Kadiri exhibited unruly behaviour. In light of
recent attack on his vehicle, YSRCP MLA Chand Basha protested at Kadiri. He
demanded immediate arrest of the assailants. DSP Ramanjaneyulu behaved discourteously
towards the YSRCP leaders protesting in support of Chand Basha. They arrested
MLAs Chand Basha, Visweswar Reddy, Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy and district
president Sankar Narayana while they were marching in protest to the police
station. This led to tense situation being built up in that area. YSRCP members
reached the police station of Kadiri in support of Chand Basha and the protest
being held against the indifference exhibited by the police.

MLAs of YSRCP are continuing their protest
at the police station of Kadiri. Chand Basha slammed the police for acting in
service of the ruling party leaders. He demanded to know why no action had been
taken in view of arresting the assailants responsible for the attack on his
vehicle in the three days. He commented that the behaviour of the police was
undemocratic and unjust.

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