Unable to accept Health conditions attempts of suicide

Hearts are melting on looking at the Peoples leader
Women activist attempted to suicide on Railway koduru ..!
Student poured petrol in SV University!

As the Leader of Opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagans health is getting spoiled, people became anxious and worried in fear. Unable to predict what can happen to his health, people are attempting for suicide. Conditions at the stage where the protest is going on is disturbing. One of the students poured petrol on his body and attempted for suicide. The party leaders and police stopped him successfully.

A female activist belonging to Railway Koduru, YSR district, attempted suicide. Today, supporting the protest of YS Jagan for special status, the people of railway koduru under the guidance of YSRCP,  created a huge protest blocking the roads. On this occasion, a women's activist, Rangamma drank Super vasmol and tried to commit suicide. As soon as the workers noticed her, they rushed her to the private hospital and took care about her health.

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