U Turn Babu's strange double-speak

It is not for nothing that YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy called Chandrababu Naidu a ‘U Turn Babu.’ No one can do a U Turn better than Chandrababu. He shamelessly reneges on his words and not just that, he does the exact opposite of what he promises. 

At a time when every party in the state is fighting for special status, Chandrababu is still resorting to trickery and theatrics.
He is organizing protests when the PM is not present in the Lok Sabha. There are dharnas outside speaker’s chamber when the speaker is not available. In the same way, he got his MPs to organize a lightning protest in front of PM’s residence when PM is not around. Even this protest ended as quickly as it began.

Quite astonishingly, Babu has asked even government officials, IAS officials to fight for special status. Thoroughly bewildered officials are speaking in hushed tones about his diktats. They feel he is unnerved by the support that the YSRCP is getting in the fight for special status.

For four years, he opposed special status and termed everyone who demanded it as traitors. Today, he wants special status for AP and now anyone not backing him is a traitor. When YS Jagan went to Vizag to stage a protest, he got him arrested and sent him back. Chandrababu should first lift all those cases filed against people for demanding special category status and then fight his battle.
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