Two YSRCP MPs health condition deteriorated

New Delhi: The health condition of the two YSRCP MPs who were on hunger strike at AP Bhavan in New Delhi over the Centre's injustice to Andhra Pradesh on Special Category issue deteriorated on Wednesday. YSRCP MPs Midhun Reddy and Avinash Reddy were forcibly moved to the hospital by the police after they fell sick. It's worth mentioning here that the MPs have been fasting for last five days. Tense moments prevailed at the AP Bhavan after the YSRCP leaders were shifted to the hospital.

The doctors who conducted medical tests on the two fasting MPs advised that they be rushed to the hospital after it was found that their health condition had turned unstable owing to dipping sugar and blood pressure levels. After examining the duo, the doctors said that both of them had suffered severe dehydration and it could put their life in danger if not moved to hospital immediately.

However, the fasting MPs were firm about fighting till the end for the sake of the state and refused any medical treatment. So Rapid Action Force personnel had to be brought in to forcibly shift them to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi where the other MPs too are being treated. Even as they were being shifted slogans like Jai Jagan, SCS is AP's right and lifeline and Jai YSRCP rent the air.
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