TRS watering down Aarogyasri

Hyderabad, Oct 4:
Telangana YSR Congress has taken objection to the selective payment to wages to
Aarogyasri workers and ridiculed the manner in which the number of the
districts has been carved out.

 Speaking to
reporters here on Tuesday party spokesperson Konda Raghava Reddy said
that the Aarogyasri scheme has been watered down by KCR government and the
employees are being discriminated. The funds allocated to it are also very

 The scheme has been
the pet project of YSR which was emulated by many states and it has been
watered down. When salaries are not paid, the employees went on strike and now
the government is showing discrimination by announcing that it will pay to only
those who did not participate in the strike which is unfair, he said.

 The reorganization
of districts too lacks any guidelines and the number game has been going on by
the whims and fancies, he said and wondered if each constituency would be made
a district.

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