Training for Officers in Singapore

Singapore Companies to coach Government Officers
Government Employees to undergo private training
All expenses borne by Government

Hyderabad: The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu decided to place the Capital completely in Singapore hands and in suiting to this he is chanting Singapore’s name in every matter.

Training to Capital Authorities
From the division that monitors all the matters in Capital Region- CREDA, 25 officers will be going to Singapore for Training. The training started from 9th of this month. These officers will be given training on topics like Land Utilization, Transport system, Basic amenities development, Private & Public Social development, Greenery, Industrial, Economic growth. This training was named as ‘Andhra Pradesh Leaders in Urban Governance Program’. 

Private Coaching in Singapore
Already criticism was raised on handing over everything to Singapore. In this regard, suspicions were raised on this e-Coachinig also. The critiques are saying that this coaching is an attempt to make all matters favorable to Singapore Companies. The government is brearing the cost RS.4 lakhs for this coaching.
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