Training About To Rob People Better

  • TDP is a training centre for robbery
  • TDP offers kudos to the best robbers
  • Lokesh is the Nayeem of AP

Vijayawada: YSRCP's official spokesperson Gowtham Reddy commented that TDP conducted training to teach how to rob the state better. He spoke to the media at the party's office in Vijayawada.

He criticised that the training sessions conducted by Chandrababu to the MLAs were only to teach how to rob the Government's and the people's assets better and how to protect the illegally-earned assets. He called it shameful of Babu to say to the TDP leaders that money would play a major role in the next elections and that each of them should be ready with at least Rs.40 crore. He blames Chandrababu and Lokesh for raising curtains to huge corruption out of greed for money. He suggested that it was not good for the state for the MLAs to follow their path. He ridiculed the way finance minister was agreeing that the state was in deficit while the rest of the ruling party MLAs were delivering conflicting statements.

Nayeem of AP

Nara Lokesh had grown to become the Nayeem of AP, Gowtham Reddy remarked. He condemned the way he was gathering commissions in every project. He explained how the leaders were suggested to earn at least Rs.40-5- crore each and the people who earned the highest were graded with an 'A'.

Babu is the pillar of all the corruption and the crimes

Having direct involvement in certain crimes, facing allegation about corruption and cases like land mafia and offering top places to the officials assaulting Government officials is showing that Chandrababu himself is encouraging crimes and corruption, remarked Gowtham Reddy, mentioning the names of TDP MLAs, MLCs, ministers and other leaders who were caught red-handed in various cases on various occasions.

Batch of robbers

Nara Chandrababu Naidu - Accused for invonvement in Cash for Vote case after being caught red-handed

Nara Lokesh - Grabbing commissions in every contract

Bode Prasad - Copying in intermediate exams

Bonda Uma - Car racing and sex racket

Minister Peetala Sujatha - Rs.10 lakh bribe

Yarapatineni Srinivas - Illegal mining

Minister Prathipati Pullarao - Fake cotton seeds

Minister Narayana - Land mafia of thousands of acres

Modugula Venugopal Reddy - Unlawful assets exposed in IT rides

MLA DK Satyaprabha - Thousands of crores of rupees worth unlawful assets exposed in IT rides

Chintamaneni Prabhakar - Sand mafia, rowdy sheets, Physical assault on woman Tehsildar

Venkatagiri MLA Ramakrishna - Demand of Rs.5 crore from contractors

Kodela Sivarama Krishna (Son of the speaker of AP assembly) - Threatening contractors

Why sis the power project go back?

He demanded that the Government should explain to people why the 500MW power project intended for construction by America in Kurnool district had been withdrawn. He criticised that the American company had to step back due to inability to offer the commission demanded by TDP leaders. He commented that the list would still go on if continued.

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