Top Ten powerful comments:

Guntur: The leader of Opposition, YS Jagan, addressed the huge public before starting the indefinite hunger strike. Few powerful comments from his speech.

(1) Naidu is changing his words and promises made before elections and after elections.

(2) Promising about the Special status, the Naidu, and BJP together broke the State into two.

(3) In fear of cases, Chandrababu pledged the Special status of the State before the Prime Minister.

(4) From Pattiseema to Polavaram and coal to sand everything is involved with corruption

(5) “Our people briefed me” these are the words greatly stated by Naidu.

(6) Mingled with Sonia, Naidu alleged cases by secretly meeting Chidambaram in darkness.

 (7) I am proud to say that only party which was against the partition is YSRCP.

(8) Naidu regime, is comprised on only three words – betray betray betray

(9) The government would soon flush into the Bay of Bengal

(10)  I am ready and prepared to fight on behalf of the students 

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