Time To Revolt Against Babu

  • There is no limit to the atrocities of Chandrababu
  • Everybody knows about Babu's role in Ranga's death
  • Bhumana meets Mudragada in Kirlampudi
  • Solidarity to Kapu movement
East Godavari (Kirlampudi): YSRCP's state general secretary, Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, stated that it was time for everyone who had been deceived by Chandrababu's fake promises to revolt against him and expressed support to such a revolt. Bhumana met Kapu community leader Mudragada Padmanabham in Kirlampudi of East Godavari district and then spoke to the media. Reminding that Chandrababu had made about 600 election campaign promises, he expressed concern towards the social classes like farmers, DWCRA women, weaker sections, Dalits and women who had been betrayed by his fake promises.

On behalf of YSRCP, Bhumana expressed solidarity to anybody who was ready to revolt against Chandrababu for the betrayal and the pain he had caused to them. He complained that he had been pictured as a traitor by the Government just because he had met Mudragada Padmanabham on the 19th of January to express solidarity to the meeting he had held. Saying that he would not be scared by fake accusations, he dared the Government to prove his involvement in Tuni arson, with evidences.

Reminding of Chandrababu's role in Ranga's murder, Bhumana specified that he never practised violence in politics, unlike Chandrababu. He also recalled how Babu had slippers thrown at his father-in-law NTR. He mentioned that Paritala and YSR families had never had disputes and reminded that YSRas well as his father Rajareddy had consoled Paritala when he had a car bomb attack and Paritala had paid homage when Rajareddy died.

Bhumana reminded how Chandrababu had promised at the time of elections to join Kapu community in BC class and acclaimed Mudragada Padmanabham for fighting vigorously for the cause. He specified that Mudragada was not a terrorist and would never encourage violence and said that he had come to greet Mudragada sincerely for his commitment.
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