Those Responsible For Rohit's Death Should Be Punished

Guntur: YSRCP leader, Lella Appireddy demanded that those responsible for the last year's suicide of Vemula Rohit in the University of Hyderabad last year, should be punished.
A rally was held in the name 'I am Rohit' at Guntur in his memory, by people's, students' Dalits' and social organisations, supported by YSRCP and other opposition parties' leaders. Participants wore masks of Rohit's face and rallied in the city.
Speaking on this occasion, they opined that Dr. BR Ambedkar had created equal opportunity to all social classes when he had written the constitution and the universities, instead of improving the education opportunities for everyone impartially, were provoking disparities and mental harassment even after 70 years.
Slamming the Government for bringing the culprits to justice even after one year, Lella Appireddy condemned exploiting the educational institutions for political selfishness. He also criticised that VC Apparao, despite being responsible for Rohit's death was being awarded and commented that this was encouragement of social inequality.

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