Is there no Concern for Public Health..!

Villages trembling with viral fevers
Horrifying Government Hospitals
Diminishing Responsibility

Hyderabad: Medical and Health system is failed in Andhra pradesh. The Government Authorities are not paying any concern when the public is suffering with diseases & illness. The public is trembling with this situation in the state.

Kotha Majeru Village stands example for this!
Just in few months 19 members have lost their lives falling ill to deadly viral fevers in Kotha Majeru Village in Krishna District. Despite the requests made by the Leader of Opposition Y.S.Jagan when he travelled in the village, the authorities have not taken any initiative. The government is not taking any action even when the public is losing lives lack of purified drinking water. The ruling party has seen this also in political angle. The government did not pay any attention even after protesting at the collectorate with the victims.

Pathetic situatio in Guntur Hospital
Rats attacked and killed an infant in Guntur Government Hospital. The hospital staff & authorities never paid any attention to the complaints made by the public that the hospital is full of rats. Three days before when the rats bit the child, a complaint was given but no attention was paid. Second time when the rats attacked the child the mother made loud cries but there was no response from the hospital staff. The Government Medical Department is still demonstrating its careless attitude and negligent behavior even after such horrifying incident in the hospital.

Diminishing Responsibility
There are hardly any attempts and action to increase ownership and responsibility in Government Medical & Health Department staff. When some incidents happen peripheral action was taken but complete preventive measures were not taken up. The Health Minister Kamineni Srinivasa Rao is trying to please Chandrababu but is not taking any corrective action in the department.

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