Is there a law that states the sessions have to end at 2?

  • This is the biggest atrocity in democracy
  • YS Jagan condems confining the discussion on thanking the Governor’s speech to one day
  •  Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan expressed his displeasure towards the confinement of the discussion about thanking the Governor for his speech in the legislative assembly to only one day. He criticized the Government’s behaviour pertaining to this. If not one member of the opposition party got a chance to complete speaking regarding this, what was the meaning of democracy, questioned YS Jagan.

    He reminded Chandrababu that people were watching everything. He mentioned that the Government had announced that the discussion about Governor’s speech would take place for two days and now it limited the discussion to one day. He recollected how the Government had previously held back sessions from happening by bringing Ambedkar’s topic into picture. Now the topic of Women’s Day was being used to obstruct the sessions, complained YS Jagan. He also commented that the Government talked whatever it wanted for how much ever time it wanted, but hindered the opposition party from talking and wound up the session whenever it wanted.

    YS Jagan requested the Government to allow at least one person from the opposition to speak by extending the time of the session. He appealed to this for the benefit of the people. He expressed his worry about the microphones of the opposition members being switched off and stated that if they had to face this helpless situation, they would finish their speech in the assembly’s media point and cautioned that it would only defame the Government.

    YS Jagan expressed his astonishment at the way the ruling party was controlling the members of the opposition party and the time they took to speak. He questioned if there was any law stating that the sessions should be wound up by 2 pm. He suggested that the sessions continued till 4 pm, 6 pm or 8 pm if needed. YS Jagan commented that the Government was afraid of the opposition leaders’ speech. He recollected that the sessions had happened till 8 pm and for 75 days instead of 25 days during Dr. YS rajasekhar Reddy’s tenure, but had never gotten wound up in 2 hours like now.

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