Is There an Account for it, Babu?

  • Government’s sham accounts on the construction of capital city
  • The yellow Government ingests hundreds of crores of rupees
  • MLAs Buggana and RK demand to know the capital’s accounts
  • Hyderabad: MLAs of YSR Congress Party Buggana Rajendranath Reddy and Alla Ramakrishna Reddy uncovered the atrocious deeds of Chandrababu’s Government at Amaravathi under the mask of the capital city construction. They sternly questioned what had happened of the Rs.850 crore that the Government was saying to have spent. The Government then resorted to counterattack as usual.

     Is there a plan, Babu?

    MLA Buggana Rajendranath Reddy questioned the Government if there was a comprehensive report regarding the capital city. He mentioned that the Government had announced that 30,000-40,000 acres of land was acquired from farmers in the last two years and that a capital bigger than Singapore and Mumbai was being planned and demanded to know if there was a detailed report. He inquired how many funds had already been spent and on what and how many would be spent and how many funds were there meant for the capital city construction at the moment. He recollected that Chandrababu had mentioned that 13,000 acres of the land collected would drown if Kondaveeti canal flooded so the height had to be increased and expressed his wonder saying why Rs.1500 crore would be required to raise its height by just 2 meters. Buggana commented that donation was being collected at Tirupathi and at secretariat and from children and online bricks were being collected. He demanded to know the account details for all these contributions.

     Where is the account of expenditure, Babu?

    YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy demanded the Government to know what the Rs.850 crore spent for AP capital construction was used for. He complained that the Government was misleading the people and the assembly in the topic of the capital city. Ramakrishna Reddy mentioned that it was informed when Amit Shah visited that Rs.500 crore was allocated for the capital and that the central Government sanctioned Rs.2200 crore.

     He questioned where the funds for the permanent capital would come from if Rs.200 crore was spent for the temporary capital. He questioned if it was not true that pension had not been granted to a single person. Ramakrishna Reddy insisted to know why Chandrababu had paid to the companies of Singapore while announcing on the other hand that they gave the master plan of the capital for free. He demanded to know the expenditure on the capital city till date.

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