TDP to end up as political scrap: Jupudi

, April 24, 2013: In a blistering
attack on TDP for continuing with the Goebbels campaign linking Rakshana Steels
to Brother Anil Kumar and YSR family, YSR Congress on Wednesday warned the TDP
leaders to stop the malicious campaign forthwith or face the consequences of
ending up as a political scrap in the state.  

Addressing a media conference at the party
headquarters here, YSRCP spokesman and MLC Jupudi Prabhakara Rao showed
documentary evidence obtained from the Kapra Sub registrar’s office to prove
that Rakshana Steels had only occupied the premises vacated by Miracle
Foundation of Brother Anil Kumar and the two never stayed together at the same

He also showed documentary evidence to prove that
GOs bearing the numbers 64 and 69 giving mining leases to the AP Mineral
Development Corporation ( APMDC) were issued by the then CM K.Rosaiah who
succeeded Dr. YSR.  

“Brother Anil Kumar’s Miracle Foundation and
Rakshana Steels never stayed together in the same premises or at the address.
Rakshana Steels only occupied the flats 202 and 203 at Aditya Elite 

only after Miracle Foundation had vacated the
premises,” he said, flaunting the documents to reporters. “The documents are
open to anyone and can be obtained from the Sub-Registrar’s office at Kapra,”
he said.  

Prabhakara Rao said there was no reply at TDP to
Smt. Y.S. Sharmila’s challenge to prove the allegation that she or her husband
owned the Rakshana Steels.  

“To escape from the challenge and also to throw mud
on the YSR family, TDP has been continuing with its Goebbels campaign. TDP
chief Chandrababu Naidu has made a poor and half-knowledgeable Revanth Reddy
his scapegoat in the process,” Jupudi charged, demanding Naidu to give a reply
himself and not through his stooges.  

When the APMDC called for global tenders for
setting up steel factory and beneficiation plant at Bayyaram, Rakshana Steels
and Pioneer Steels participated in the tenders with the former emerging as the

“Even the GO allotting the mining rights to the
APMDC was issued by the Rosaiah Government on June 30, 2010,” he said, saying
that YSR had nothing to do with the allotment. He also showed respective GOs in
this regard.  

Jupudi said the MOU entered into by the APMDC and
Rakshana Steels also clearly mentioned that the steel factory should be set up
in Khammam and Warangal Districts.  

“The allegation that YSR tried to shift the steel
factory to Krishna District doing injustice to Telangana area is false and
wrong,” he said and questioned the TPD leaders: “If you are so concerned about
the Telangana development, why didn’t you participate in the global tenders?”  

Calling TDP a factory of lies, Jupudi said the TDP
leaders should forthwith stop the Goebbels campaign against the YSR family.
“You have been already rejected by the people. If you don’t stop this false,
malicious and vicious propaganda, you will remain a political scrap,” he told
the TDP leaders.

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