TDP's Vengeful Behaviour Towards Chevireddy

Chittoor: The Government is behaving vengefully towards the leaders who are speaking against its corruption and atrocities. Chandrababu sent the police again at MLA of Chandragiri of Chittoor district, Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, charging him with false allegations. As Chevireddy staged protest in front of sub-collector's office on Thursday night, he was falsely accused. The police presented Chevireddy at Puttur court. He was given 15 days of remand and taken to Chittoor jail.
MP Mithun Reddy slammed the Government's vengeful behaviour. Chevireddy, on Thursday, had condemned the behavoiur of revenue officials at Peruru village of Tirupati rural mandal. He spoke against the demolition of the houses of the poor in spite of paying electricity bills and income tax for eight years. He had indicated the they would approach the court for justice. YSRCP condemned the Government for getting Chevireddy arrested for standing by the side of victims.

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