Is TDP’s focus on Special Status a show up..!

Former Prime Minister, Manmohan, in Rajya Sabha, promised that rest of  Andhra Pradesh will be given special status at the time of bifurcation.  Telugu Desam Party has taken this as a base to gain votes during election campaign. Conversely, it is observed that the party is no way bothered now.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was never motivated to go to New Delhi to bring pressure on Centre for providing the special status, instead boast about their efforts in doing so, before Media. However, the TDP party is very prompt in helping their beloved people to get the right positions, getting the approval for their own contractor bills and finally putting lot of effort to work towards their self benefits.  Recently, the members of TDP have submitted a letter to the Prime Minister, without putting much pressure on the Special Status for Andhra Pradesh.

In the leadership of Central Minister Sujana Chowdhury, a team of TDP Parliament members met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested him to give special status to Andhra Pradesh. They presented a letter of request to the Prime Minister. Information is that the letter submitted is the exact transcript of the speech delivered by a TDP member in the past, in Parliament. It is clearly understandable that there are several mistakes in the letter. The TDP MPs have signed the letter without even looking at the content.

Few politicians are criticizing that not removing statements like “I’m putting forth the bill for your understanding……..” and “Through you (Speaker) ‘am bringing it to the attention of the Central Government……..” and “Am reminding the government through this house about the assurance given by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the Rajya Sabha ………”. Not removing statements like these from the letter demonstrates the heights of negligence. Also, there is information that in the letter the MP’s have requested Rs.5000 Cr in the coming budget for Polavaram Project. But, by then, the budget has been presented and Rs.100 Cr was allotted to the Polavaram Project. Needless to say what happens to the letter if the Prime Minister’s office can recognize the letter as once already read in the parliament. TDP also wants the same, not benefits for the state through wholehearted efforts.

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