TDP's Corruption In Water Projects

Amaravathi: Assembly sessions in AP are going on for the second day. Question hour is underway. The Government is evading having to answer the questions posed by the leaders of opposition YSRCP.

Why has grading gone down in AP?: Mekapati Gowtham Reddy
Minister is stating that transmission and dismission have been reduced. Why has the grading gone down from B+ to B? Only energy efficiency has been reduced. Projects in Telangana are graded as A and A+. We don't understand in what way AP Government has done a good job.

TDP has no commitment to projects: Srikanth Reddy
Galeru-Nagari project is a boon to Rayalaseema. It can give water using gravity, to lakhs of acres of agricultural land starting from Kurnool to Kadapa and Chittoor. When Babu ruled from 1999 to 2004, this project was allocated only Rs.17 crore. During the 5-year tenure of Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy, the allocation for this project was confirmed as Rs.7500 crore for the first and the second phases and Rs.4000 crore was released initially.

The Chief Ministers to come next, Rosaiah and Kiran Kumar Reddy spent Rs.1000 crore. In the three years' time, TDP spent Rs.400 crore and started bragging as if they built the whole project. If we go into the details of it, without doing the work of Avuku tunnel of 29th package, the expenditure for Rs.36 crore work was estimated as Rs.200 crore and work was allocated even without calling for tenders.

Even with other projects that were completed up to 80% during YSR's tenure, which needed Rs.10 crore and Rs.15 crore for completion, estimations were raised so much, to facilitate better robbery. TDP has no commitment to projects. Phase 2 work has not been paid attention yet. They threatened the contractors.

The 29th package project should be probed. This will expose TDP's corruption. This project, whose capacity was raised to 56,000 cusecs by Dr. Rajasekhar Reddy, will give water to Gandikota project through avuku from Pothireddypadu to Banakacharla cross regulator and reaching Gorukallu reservoir. From Gandikota, it will go to Vayikonda, Sarvarayasagar, Balaji reservoir. Why is this project still incomplete?
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