TDP Yatra meaningless

Hyderabad, Dec 1: Terming the Jana
Chaitanya Yatra of TDP government as a deceptive exercise, YSR Congress has
said that the awakening should come within the Party as Chandrababu Naidu has
failed to fulfill his poll promises and there is neither reason nor a base for
the Yatra.

‘It is 18 months since Chandrababu Naidu
took over as Chief Minister and not a single poll promise was fulfilled and the
Jana Chaitanya Yatra has absolutely no meaning as the government has nothing to
tell about other than its anti-people policies,’ party PAC member and spokesperson
Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Tuesday.

‘What is the message that the government
will be giving to the people during the Yatra as its 18-month term is laden
with unkept promises, failed assurances and decisions that were driven by
nepotism. Be it the liquor policy or the mining policy it has been brought out
with a motive and farmers, DWACRA groups, students, unemployed youth and other
sections who believed the TDP president during electioneering, are a
disappointed lot now,’ he said.

On the proposed Kapu reservations, he
said, ‘ there is no sincerity on part of the Government as it has announced
only as a preemptive measure after a powerful Kapu leader has announced an
action plan. On earlier occasion as well, Chandrababu Naidu had played the same
game with Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS) and to increase the limit of
reservations, a constitutional amendment is needed.

All the talk about is just an eyewash.
If the TDP government is serious, it should announce Rs 2,000 crore fund for
the welfare of Kapus which will bring credence to the government’s sincerity,’
he said.

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