TDP violating code; YSRCP win certain

Hyderabad, Aug 23: Reaffirming that the win in Nandyal by-poll is a 
certainty, YSR Congress has said that the ruling TDP has been blatantly 
violating election code of conduct and has been misusing official machinery 
under the directions of the Chief Minister and has appealed to the Election 
Commission to take cognizance of heavy presence of TDP leaders in 
Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, party spokesperson Vasireddy 
Padma said, ‘ with a big contingent of ministers and MLAs stationed in 
Nandyal and openly distributing money, luring the voters and taking orders 
from the Secretariat and Chief Minister, it  has become clear that TDP has 
been lagging behind in the run-up and the misuse of official machinery has 
been so glaring that party leader Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy was not allowed 
to stay in Nandyal while the ministers and MLAs have been roaming around 
freely flouting code of conduct.
The raids on our party candidate Shilpa Mohan Reddy’s residence and the 
free movement of TDP leaders and the sister of TDP candidate checking the 
agent’s credentials by entering the polling booths show the way in which 
the official machinery is being misused.
Despite all the efforts by ruling party, YSR Congress Party win is a certainty 
and people coming in large numbers indicate that the wind is blowing in our 
favour, she said adding that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has 
violated the election code by leveling baseless allegations against our 
leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy during a press conference yesterday.
‘This is not how a Chief Minister should speak on the eve of the polling day 
and TDP leaders and cadre have been distributing cash on one hand and on 
the other are trying to restrict the movement of YSRCP leaders which shows 
how scared they are,’ she said.
We have reported all the irregularities to the Election Commission and have 
appealed to our leaders and cadre to keep restraint as the large turnout is 
an indication of a victory to YSRCP, she said adding that a section of press 
had tried to influence the voters by beaming negative campaign against our 
leader which shows to what level the ruling party can stoop to.
We hope that the Election Commission will keep a tab on the heavy 
presence of TDP MLAs and ministers in the constituency on the polling day 
which is against the code, she said.
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