TDP is vindictive

Hyderabad, March 18: The TDP has been treading a vindictive path laden with duplicity and the developments of the day have been undemocratic and the Chief Minister has taken the suspension of RK Roja too personal but we will fight out this injustice, YSR Congress has said.

‘There has been a conspiracy to keep Roja away from the Assembly as Chief Minister is supposed to have made his intention clear that he doesn’t want to see RK Roja in the House again and the sequence of events are running according to a script. We will fight this out,’ party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Friday.

Judiciary cannot interfere with legislature as long as the Assembly does not step out of its brief and in this case, the suspension for one year under 340 (2) does not permit such a prolonged period of suspension. This breach of rule was taken into consideration for giving the verdict.

‘If TDP and the institution of Speaker do not believe in the judiciary or thinks that legislature is above and beyond judiciary why it did represent in the court and when the verdict has come against TDP why are they going for an appeal to a larger bench. This has to be answered.

There is also a move to refer the issue Privileges Committee to extend the period of suspension of Roja. But we will fight this injustice,’ he said.

In a separate press conference Party MLAs Giddi Eswari, U Kalpana, Kalavathi, Pushpa Vani, Gouri Charita and V Rajeswari condemned the approach of TDP and the highhanded behavior of the marshals at the assembly premises. Though the court has given the directives and it was informed to the Assembly about her entry the assembly premises was packed with a posse of Marshalls and police.

The behavior only shows the arrogance of the TDP which is deeply involved in many scams and all of us have raised slogans against Call Money Sex racket but Roja was targeted.

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