TDP Is Sure To Drown In The Bay of Bengal

Guntur (Patnam Bazaar): YSRCP's state secretary Lella Appireddy remarked that the migrations happening from TDP to YSRCP proved that the foundations of Telugudesam were moving. Former corporators Tummeti Sarada Srinivas, Udatha Krishna, Battula Devanandar and supporters from divisions 33, 38 and 43 joined YSRCP in huge number, at party's district office in Arandalpet.
Speaking on this occasion, Appireddy, slammed implementation of PD act. Commenting that TDP would surely be drowned soon in the Bay of Bengal, he called for united effort for the party's consolidation. Then he invited the new joiners into the party by decorating them with the party's scarves. Participating in this meeting were trade wing's state president Anjaneyulu, state secretaries Ratamsetty Ramanjaneyulu, Thomas Naidu, party's joint secretary Sk.Gulam Rasool, youth wing's state general secretary Uma Maheswar Reddy and others.
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