TDP Is Sure To Collapse

Visakhapatnam: Leaders of Kapu community, Karanam Dharmasri and Gudiwada Amarnath cautioned the Government of severe consequences to be faced if Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham was to be left alone or harmed. They challenged TDP leaders of the community to resign and join the movement initiated by Mudragada. Kapu leaders of the city and the district assembled at VJF in Visakhapatnam. Speaking to the media on the occasion, they slammed the TDP Government for not coming out to discuss the issue till now.
The leaders of the community condemned Chandrababu's attitude in imposing ban on the media. They mentioned that this act was due to his fear for the community's unity and movement. They cautioned that the Government would definitely collapse if it tried to suppress the movement of the community.

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