TDP strength is like Laddu Babu make-up: YSRCP

Hyderabad, March 19, 2014:  Describing the influx of leaders of other
parties into TDP as the make-up of the lead actor donning the role of Laddu
Babu in the latest Tollywood movie, YSR Congress party said on Wednesday that TDP
will meet the same fate as the Congress in the forthcoming elections.

Speaking to reporters at the party central office
here, YSRCP spokesperson Vasireddy Padma stated that all those dejected and
dissatisfied Congress leaders are flocking to TDP as Congress has become
extinct in Seemandhra.

“Chandrababu Naidu is basking in the glory of all
those leaders joining into his party and trying to boost up the morale of its
cadres but TDP will also meet the same fate as that of Congress in the next
elections,” she warned, adding that the so-called strength of the TDP is only a
swelling and will evaporate soon.

Padma said Naidu has now become a puppet in the
hands of Congress leadership after protecting it and conspiring with it all
these years against the people’s interests.

“After being pushed out of power, you kept away from
people all these years without fighting on any of the people’s issues. In fact,
you have turned a villain towards people and failed in your duty as the leader
of the opposition. You have done nothing for the people,” she told Naidu,
adding that YSRCP is the only party that took up the issues of people and
fought for finding solutions. “People know this better.”


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