TDP scared of losing election

Proddutur: Scared of facing the elections on their own, the TDP leaders have planned chaos and postponed the election of Proddutur municipal chairman.

The TDP members created mayhem on Sunday to ensure the postponement of election for Proddutur municipal chairman. The ruling party is not having the  requisite majority but it is trying to grab the post. They have resorted to violence to put off the elections. 

As part of the plan, the TDP councilors took away the minutes book and created ruckus environment in the council hall. When the YSRCP members tried to counter them, they tried to attack them. 
Some of the councillors, who voted for the TDP candidate in the recent MLC elections, have come back to the YSRCP fold after the YSRCP issued a whip. 
Several TDP leaders are openly threatening YSRCP members to support their party candidates.
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