TDP rule disappointing: YSRCP

Sept 16, 2014: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has used his experience to subvert
the aspirations of people who were eagerly waiting for his election promises to
take shape and has changed his stance on the loan waiver by setting up
committee after committee to find ways to wriggle out of the situation during
his 100 days in office, YSR Congress has said and asserted that it will take up
the people’s cause to question the Government on every count.  

“Of the
five files he has signed after assuming office, not a single scheme was
implemented. The loan waiver scheme passed through committee after committee
and stricture after stricture and in the final tally of budgetary allocation
fell flat as it was drastically cut in size,” party official spokesperson
Parthasarathy told reporters here on Tuesday.  

committees have slashed the actual figure of Rs 87,000 crores to Rs 45,000
crores and when it came to budget allocation; it was flattened to a meager Rs
5,000 crores which clearly shows the intention of the government. The Sujana
Chowdhary Committee treating the loan waiver on corporate terms is highly
impracticable as agriculture can never be an enterprise and there is no
guarantee whether or not the proposed bonds will be accepted by banks.  

With the
confusion and utter chaos about loan waiver looming large, agricultural
operations did not begin yet, despite reservoirs being full up to the brim and
transplantation took place only in 30 % of the cultivable land. There is no
clarity as to who is eligible for loan waiver and the strictures imposed has
further complicated the situation, he said.  

experience of Chandrababu Naidu did not come to the rescue of the farmers but
has only aggravated their plight and when the Leader of Opposition, YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy was to rip open the details of how the welfare schemes are being
diluted, he was denied mike. The budgetary allocation for welfare schemes is
just 0.5 % of the actual requirement,” he said.  

Of the
four other files he signed immediately after assuming office, only age
relaxation from 58 to 60 has seen light of the day but it has many riders and
is not applicable to PSUs which fails in serving the intended purpose.  

up all the shortcomings, TDP leaders are resorting to tall talk which is mostly
urban centric with the Chief Minister leading the pack with the concept of
smart cities and smart airports that cater to the needs of the urbane and
industrialists. Instead, he should use his experience to create smart villages
and boost their economy to higher levels allowing them to allow air travel, he
said adding that YSRCP will be with the people and will fight for their cause.

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