TDP Rowdies In Action At Ananthapuram

  • Minister Paritala’s
    goons in action
  • YSRCP leaders attacked
    with weapons
  • Indifference shown by
    the police
  • YSRCP conducts a huge
    rally against TDP’s atrocities
  • Demand to punish
  • Ananthapuram: Rowdies are in action at Raptadu constituency
    represented by minister Paritala Sunitha. TDP leaders are behaving with
    arrogance. Attacks are being made on opposition YSRCP leaders. TDP leaders in
    Raptadu and Ramagiri constituencies deceived by TDP Government are joining
    YSRCP in huge numbers. Unable to digest this blow, the supporters of the
    minister are resorting to physical brutal attacks on YSRCP leaders and

    Leaders and activists
    of YSR Congress Party conducted a huge rally in the city in the city protesting
    against the atrocities of TDP Government. They raised slogans against minister
    Paritala Sunitha. Anantha Venkatrami Reddy, Visweswar Reddy, Sankar Narayana
    and Topudurthi Bhaskar Reddy participated in the rally along with other leaders
    and activists.

    YSRCP leaders
    condemned the attacks made on Prakash Reddy and Eshwaraiah in the presence of
    SP and DGP. They slammed the police for filing cases against the injured rather
    than arresting the assailants. They demanded the attackers’ immediate arrest.
    They also condemned the attacks made on the YSRCP leaders who had come to
    console the injured.

    Topudrthi Prakash
    Reddy, the YSRCP coordinator of Annathapuram’s Raptadu constituency, complained
    that Paritala family was trying to get him killed. He informed that he had been
    attacked by the followers of Paritala Sunitha at the Government Hospital. He
    also reminded how his gunmen had been withdrawn soon after TDP had come into
    power. Topudurthi mentioned that he had threat on his life from the minister of
    civil supplies Paritala Sunitha and her family members.

    YSRCP leader Topudurthi
    Chandu attributed the attacks to the joining of TDP leaders of Raptadu and
    Ramagiri in YSRCP and the resultant fury among the TDP leaders. He slammed
    Paritala Sriram for encouraging these attacks. He condemned the police for
    being too loyal to TDP leaders and staying indifferent towards these attacks.

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