TDP resorting to poaching: YSRCP

Hyderabad, May 26, 2014: Hitting
out at the unethical and undemocratic practices of poaching by TDP, YSR
Congress has said, Chandrababu Naidu should instead concentrate on the ways and
means to implement the poll promises he has made and warned that any one
crossing the floor will attract the provisions of anti-defection law.

“ It is immoral and
unethical for TDP to poach on YSRCP turf despite having a comfortable majority
and even before the swearing-in ceremony Chandrababu Naidu encouraging
defections shows the values and democratic principles he has,” Party MPs
Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy and Kottapalli Geetha told reporters here on Sunday.

In a democracy anyone can
opt for any party, but if the reports of TDP luring our Party MPs and MLAs into
its fold should be true, they must quit the post and seek a fresh mandate to
jump the line failing which their election will be null and void.

The entire exercise being
taken up by TDP is a mockery of democracy. A government functions with a viable
and vibrant opposition in place and we represent the voice of the people in
proportion to our number seats won. If Chandrababu Naidu wants no opposition at
all, it simply shows his attitude and respect towards democratic institutions,
they said.

“TDP must be in a hurry and
wants to swell its strength by luring elected representatives from our Party
stating the status of recognized party and registered party but with the
percentage of votes we have acquired anyone crossing the floor will face the
anti-defection law and have to seek a re-election.

Even I have crossed over
from Congress to YSRCP and quit my post immediately. My resignation was kept
pending for a long time and I was elected from the party which I moved over and
this is a fair democratic practice,” Rjamohan Reddy said.

Even ten days have not
passed after the results were announced and TDP has been taken up a programme
to lure, coerce or use such other means to improve its tally which is
unethical. Instead he should be working out on the logistics to implement his
poll promises of waiver of agriculture and DWACRA loans.

With the onset of monsoon
very close, he should be drafting out strategies that will allow farmers to
have access to easy credit and address the plight, weavers, pensioners besides
providing employment and other promises he has made.

If TDP continues to such
mean tactics, it will face the ire of the people and will meet the same fate of
Congress which was decimated in the state, he said.  

Kottapalli Geetha, the
Party MP from Araku, said that she will be with the party and work under the
leadership of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and scoffed the rumours that she is
switching over to TDP.

“There is no truth in such
rumours. I have friends in TDP as well and some of them called me up to
congratulate on my victory. No one has approached me to cross over and even if
there will be any such offer in future, it will be declined,” she said adding
that since Narender Modi was also elected on the development plank funds flow
to tribal areas will be monitored and we will work for the welfare of tribals,
she said.


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