Is TDP Ready For Public Debate?

() BJP has described TDP's politics as cheap
() Chandrababu has never asked for special status
() Is TDP ready for public debate on projects?
() Official spokesman Ambati Rambabu slams TDP

Hyderabad: Official spokesman of YSRCP, Ambati Rambabu slammed the indifference and negligence shown by Chandrababu's Government towards special status and drinking water projects. He challenged for an open debate regarding the negligence. He also condemned the backstab faced by YSRCP in its effort to achieve special status. He spoke to the media at the party's central office.

Ambati reminded BJP's remarks describing TDP's politics as cheap and TDP's unresponsiveness towards them. He ridiculed that TDP's silence was due to fear of being exposed and punished for unlawful activities. Ambati questioned what had happened to the Rs.1,40,000 crore funds that the centre was stating to have been sanctioned. He blamed the ruling party leaders for sharing it among themselves. Ambati questioned what TDP was going to do in light of BJP's announcing in Vijayawada hat special status would not be given. He blamed Chandrababu for not questioning the PM about special status even when he was standing beside him on the dais of groundbreaking and inauguration ceremonies and just asking for special package.

Ambati condemned Chandrababu and his coterie for hindering YS Jagan who was trying to fight against it. He blamed TDP for not fighting with the centre or the neighbouring states and not even offering solidarity to YSRCP's struggle. He described TDP's act as a backstab to the people of AP. He informed that Telangana's construction of projects and lift irrigation schemes was a loss to the downstream areas which would end up dry and added that YSRCP was relentlessly fighting to prevent such a situation. Ambati slammed ministers Devineni Uma, KE and MLC Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy for making cheap comments regarding this struggle. He challenged TDP to get ready for a public debate regarding the issues of special status and projects.

Ambati Rambabu expressed gladness towards cabinet minister Venkaiah Naidu's stating that defectors needed to resign first. He suggested Chandrababu was told the same. He also mentioned that Uttarakhand episode would prove the fate of defectors. He suggested the defectors to realise it.

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