TDP poll promises, still a mirage

Aug 16, 2014: TDP government has failed to come to terms with reality in its
two-month long governance and the Chief Minister has been very ambiguous in his
statements, which have been benefitting his coterie, while his core poll
promises still remain a mirage, YSR Congress has said.  

Chief Minister stating that he has surpassed the expectations of the public
after he took over the reins of the state, is only to deceive the people and
his frequent hints about the capital city is only to create a boom in a
particular region to benefit his coterie,” party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu
told reporters here on Saturday.  

He has
signed five files starting with the loan waiver of farmers and DWACRA women groups
but not a single scheme was implemented. What he has done during his two month
term is that he dropped strong hints that the capital would likely to be
between Vijayawada-Guntur even as the Central Committee was yet to give its
decision on the capital.  

“This was
done only to benefit his close corporate circle that has purchased land and
created a boom. He needs to explain to the people as to why did he drop such
hints even before the Central Committee began the capital search exercise. He
has been demanding Rs 5 lakh crores for building a new capital and why he is
silent and not mounting pressure on the Centre to release the amount,” he said.  

Naidu has been very incoherent when he says that the offices will function from
Vijayawada while he announces that he will stay put in Hyderabad for ten years.
His statements on loan waiver are also very confusing and not a single farmer
has been benefitted.  

The Chief
Minister has misused the official machinery to settle political scores on one
hand and helped his close associates on the other during the past two months
but he has never taken steps to fulfill the poll promises.  

drought staring at the state, Chandrababu Naidu has to come to terms with
reality and conduct himself to fulfill his poll promises, he said.  

On the
by-elections due in the state, he said, it is not clear as what the reason was
for not including the constituencies in the list.

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