TDP poll promises, a mirage: Vijayamma

Gooty, (Ananthapuram dist),
March 19, 2014: TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu’s poll promises are a mere mirage as
they never come true and his manifesto is a bundle of lies with conjured up
data and unfeasible projects while YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has the vision and
commitment of YSR who has shown to the world that development and welfare can
go hand-in-hand without taxing the people, said YS Vijayamma.

Addressing largely attended
public meetings at Guntakal and here on Wednesday, she flayed the TDP leader
for his false claims and dished out the various scams that took place while he
was chief minister and wondered how a person with two acres of land before
entering politics could turn into an entrepreneur of Heritage Company which has
nation-wide network.

 “He himself is facing
corruption charges in IMG and Emaar cases and has taken refuge in stay orders
and he preaches about integrity, a quality which he undoubtedly lacks. The TDP
leader’s uncharitable remarks against YSR are unpardonable as the governance of
both the leaders will give a clear picture as to who was on the side of the
people and who was anti-people. The popular website had published
that he is the richest and most corrupt politician in the country.

He is going around with the
fallacy that he has developed Hyderabad city, while the fact remains that
Hyderabad was the fifth developed city in the country even while he was a kid.
His promise of creating a Swarnandhra Pradesh is a myth as the dark days of his
nine year rule is still fresh in the memories of the people, who have kept TDP
at bay for a period of 14 years, “she said.

He may be promising moon
but he is known for going back on promises and his self boasting when elections
come close is too familiar. He claims that IT industry was developed by his
government but in reality, the rating of the state in terms of ITES has gone
down from third to fifth place while he was at the helm. In the name of
building HiTech City, he has taxed the people Rs 55,000 crores.

It was not people’s welfare
but his personal interests and the wellbeing of his henchmen that matters for
him. In the cover of disinvestment, he has sold 54 profit-making PSUs to his
henchmen at throwaway prices and nearly 23,000 workers were laid off.  He
is now promising to provide one job per family. This is his hallmark contrast.

 In the name of Aaadharana
scheme, which is aimed at benefitting the artisans, his cadre minted money.
 He has done away with all the welfare schemes of NTR and had a very poor
opinion on agriculture and farmers. He taxed them heavily and collected the
dues very harshly using force by setting up special courts to try defaulters. 

His anti-people policies
led farmers, weavers and others to suicides and he heckled at the social
disorder as well.

During his nine year term
as chief minister, he did not bother to waive or reschedule loans but now he
has come up with a fantasy of waiving all agriculture loans, which is a Central
subject and it cannot be done by the state.

YSR has been very concerned
about farmers and all sections of the society. He empowered women with pavala
vaddi, brought technical education and quality treatment to the door steps of
the poor and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy also has the same vision and has made four
promises which will provide education to two children from each family,
increase old age pension to Rs 700, set up Market Stabilisation Fund to enable
farmers to get MSP and waiver of DWACRA loans.

“Jagan like his father will
keep his promises. We have seen the Congress Party that has burdened the common
man heavily after the death of YSR. Power charges were steeply increased
besides RTC bus fares and all commodities but the State government was
unconcerned. It only wanted to divide the state for the sake of votes and seats
and Sonia Gandhi wanted to see her son as Prime Minister.

We have done our best to
stall the division of the state and the fight is still on in the courts. Kiran
Kumar Reddy and Chandrababau Naidu have helped the Centre in dividing the state
in every possible way. Just before the election notification, Kiran Reddy jumps
off the Party and wants to own up Samiakhyandhra slogan which is
ridiculous", she said.

"Jagan and I along
with the party coordinators have went on fast to keep the state united and
Jagan has met leaders of all national and regional parties on the issue. He has
been with the people always and has been the driving force behind the
programmes we have undertaken, while he was in jail.

He will bring in the YSR
era and will keep all the promises and I seek your vote for YSRCP fan symbol in
the municipal, mandal, ZPTC, assembly and Lok Sabha elections," she said
reminded voters that she was daughter of the district.


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