TDP peddling lies in the name of Global Investors Summit: Vijay Sai Reddy

YSRCP senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Sai Reddy has accused the Telugu Desam Government in Andhra Pradesh of peddling lies in the name of Vizag Global Summit. 

He said the TDP Gvernment has claimed that investments to a tune of Rs 15.55 lakh crore have flown in to the state due to the Global Investors Summit. He asked the TDP Government to come out with the details of the investments and the status of the work.

He said the YSRCP would not leave any TDP leader or the official who has resorted to financial irregularities. He said none would be able to escape from the long arm of the Peoples representation Act. He said the moment YS Jagan Mohan Reddy ascends as the Chief Minister of the state, action would be initiated against the corrupt officials.

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