TDP Is Now Telugu Congress Party

Vijayawada: YSR Congress Party official spokesperson Tammineni Sitaram said that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was cheating people saying he was a changed person. The AP CM has not changed and his behaviour continues to be the same, he said and asked when would Chandrababu merge Telugu Desam Party (TDP) with Congress.

The YSRCP spokesperson said that the TDP Chief had already sent signals of alliance to the Congress at the Karnataka CM's swearing-in ceremony. Chandrababu was seen in close proximity with Congress leaders and even waved hands at the public along with them. Tammineni expressed his surprise over the change of stance by AP CM over Sonia Gandhi and said earlier Sonia was an Italian devil and now she seems to have become the Indian Goddess.

Tammineni alleged that AP NGOs leader Ashok Babu worked as Chandrababu's agent during the election campaign in Karnataka. There was no need to specially invite Ashok Babu into TDP, he said and added that TDP and BJP have jointly cheated the people of AP.

He reminded the words of Chandrababu who had said that his body consists of 30 per cent Congress blood. The Congress blood levels in the body seem to be increasing by the day. "When are you (Chandrababu) selling TDP to Congress and converting it into Telugu Congress Party?" He recalled NTR's intention behind launching TDP and said people of the state would always be deprived under the Congress rule and hence he established TDP. The AP CM was turning into a covert for Congress, he added.

Tammineni called upon the TDP leaders who believe in NTR's ideals to dethrone Chandrababu from the party president's post and also send him out of the party.
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