TDP not listening to friendly party advise

Cleverly Sidetracked
The Plot is Unravelling
Crooked Game of Babu

Hyderabad: The project which is very beneficial to all the people, Polavaram, was side tracked by Chandrababu for selfish & greedy needs. This was even said by the friendly BJP. The member of Ministers Cadre of BJP, Minister Kondala Manikyalarao revealed that the works are going at snail’s pace in Polavaram.

Cleverly Sidetracked
The Chandrababu & co laid out a meticulous plan to rob hundreds of crores in Pattiseema. They decided to carry out Polavaram project works in snail’s pace and stage a drama that needed funds & support from the Centre are not coming. For Pattiseema they sidetracked Polavaram.

The plot unravelling
The BJP Party leaders recognized this plot and the BJP State President Haribabu and Minister Manikyalarao announced this publicly. They stressed that there is no objection from Centre towards Polavaram Project and indirectly revealed that everything is a fault of Chandrababu Government.

If the Polavaram Project gets completed the credit of it goes to the Late Chief Minister Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy. Chandrababu who does not like this to happen is playing a crooked game. As this was exposed by the BJP leaders, we must wait and see what would be the response of Chandrababu and his party.
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