TDP Minorities Join YSRCP

Chittoor (Chinnireddypalle): TDP leaders and activists are leaving the party in huge numbers unable to digest the corruption and atrocities being practised. In Muslim colony of Chinnareddypalle village in Yadamari mandal of Chittoor district, 25 minority families belonging to TDP joined YSRCP in the presence of Poothalapattu MLA Dr.Sunil Kumar. They spoke to say that they had been deceived by TDP and had not been receiving any benefit from TDP's schemes. They also complained about TDP's indifference to their pleas.
They recollected on this occasion how all the socail classes received the fruit of schemes initiated by former CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy during his tenure. They expressed hope in finding that kind of solace again under his son YS Jagan's rule. The MLA invited all of them into the party by decorating them with YSRCP scarves. MLA Sunil Kumar spoke to mention that development would definitely be possible if YSRCP came to power.

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