TDP medicare policy faulty

Hyderabad, April 16: Reiterating that the TDP government has been neglecting the health sector YSR Congress has said that the State’s lack of foresight has claimed 3,200 lives as it could not buy the required equipment on time.

‘There were 3,200 deaths due to shortage of ventilators and the government has to own up the responsibility as it had lacked foresight and health sector has always been on the neglect by TDP government,’ party spokesperson Venugopal Krishna told reporters here on Saturday.

Of the 3,200 deaths, 552 persons died in Guntur hospital which is close to the capital city and the hospital was in the news earlier for lack of maintenance and mismanagement. The Aarogyasri shceme has been watered down drastically and the state policies are always away from the common man, he said adding the dialysis has been a big problem and the government has no interest in pursuing with the medicare.

The State had lacked foresight and did not buy the needed ventilators in January itself resulting in the deaths and the Government should own up the responsibility, he said.

The Medical and Health portfolio is held by TDP coalition partner and the efficacy of the coordination between the two seems to be very poor.

Chandrababu Naidu has been claiming that the water table is high but people had to travel long distances to fetch a pail of water. The government has been spending huge money on publicity and has been talking tall on inter-linking of rivers but has been taking no steps to fight the severe drought conditions prevailing in the state, he said.

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