TDP making empty promises: Vijayamma

Prodduturu (YSR Kadapa
dist), March 28, 2014: Assuring that YSRCP will continue all the welfare schemes of
YSR in addition to the five poll assurances, the party Honorary President YS
Vijayamma has said, TDP is making empty promises and it has no track record of
keeping up the word given to the people

“I appeal you to vote for
YSRCP fan symbol in the ensuing multiple elections. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will
continue all the welfare schemes of YSR and will fulfill the five election
promises as he has inherited from his father, the quality of sticking to the

TDP on the other hand has
never fulfilled any of the promises and N Chandrababu Naidu has been a known
opportunist who changes tunes according to the situation. His priorities are
different and his agenda is hidden which is to benefit his chosen few at the
cost of the welfare of the people of the state,” she said while addressing a
meeting as part of the YSR Praja Garjana here on Friday.

Placing the contrast
between the governance of TDP and YSR, she has given a clear picture to the
audience on how Chandrababu Naidu has pushed the state into darkness during his
nine year term and how YSR has put the economy back on the development track
and made all sections of the people happy by his welfare schemes including
Aarogyasri, fees reimbursement, pavala vaddi, old age pension, housing, ration
cards, Jalayaganam among others.

Naidu, who has shut down
profit making industries in the name of disinvestments, is now promising one
job to each family. When he speaks of such poll promises, he has no basis and
no coherence. He has closed down 54 industries and rendered many workers
jobless. He is talking of loan waiver to farmers without knowing the
arithmetic. The quantum of loan is more than the state budget and loan waiver
should be done on a national scale by the Central government and not the State

He has been on the prowl
with such false promises and I caution you not to take the bait and fall prey
to his sly talk and impracticable sops. He boasts of being the kingmaker and
played an important role at Centre. If that is so, why did he not bring in a
major industry or project during his nine-year term? He could not even stop the
neighbouring states from building dams and improvising the existing ones.

Never did he waive loans,
nor even wrote a letter to the Centre on the subject. His only agenda was to
help out his close circle of industrialists in all aspects and had shown no
concern for the poor and farmers. 

He stakes claim of
developing Hyderabad for the international airport, Outer Ring Road and Express
Highway which were actually done by YSR. What he did was to build two buildings in the name of
HiTech City and impose a tax burden of 55,000 crores on the people.

His claim of turning
Hyderabad into an IT hub is totally false. On the contrary, the IT exports
declined and the city fell from third to fifth place. While the IT exports
during TDP were 9 % of the revenue, it has increased to 14 % after YSR took
over as CM. If history permits, Naidu is capable of staking claim for building
all the monuments of the city, she said.

He worked as a World Bank
agent and his policies were harsh towards people, who kept him at bay from two
consecutive terms. YSR was favoured by the people as his welfare schemes
touched all sections of the people.

The Kiran Kumar Reddy
government has shelved or diluted all welfare schemes of the YSR and the state
went back to the pathetic times of Chandrababu Naidu term with steep hike power
charges, increase in bus fares and other utilities besides essential

He has given a route map
for the division of the state and helped the high command at every stage in the
division process. Congress, TDP and BJP have ganged up and split the state.
Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj and Chandrababu Naidu have an equal part in the
division and they are coming to seek votes.

I appeal you to reject the
divisive and opportunist forces and vote for YSRCP fan symbol in the municipal,
manda, zilla parishad, assembly and Lok Sabha elections and strengthen the
hands of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is committed to put the state on the fast
track of development.

Besides YSR welfare
schemes, he has promised to take care of the children’s education, enhance the
old age pension to Rs 700, set up Market Stabilisation Fund to help farmers get
a good price for their produce, waiving of DWACRA loans and taking governance
to the doorsteps of the poor.

He has also promised to
develop the region into the best state in terms of infrastructure and other
amenities. He has promised to close down the belt shops and provide jobs to
local women in police department to stop illicit liquor trade.

Jagan has vision and he has
been with the people all the time taking up their issues and held deekshas and
dharnas at Delhi, and in the state, she said and appealed to the people to give
a big mandate to the party candidates.

If we win 30 MPs seats,
including five in Telangana, we can get our works done as YSRCP will be a force
at the Centre and national politics, she said.

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