TDP luring voters

Nandyal, Aug 18: Reiterating that the
ruling party has been indulging in distributing money and buying votes as is
its wont, YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the
people to give their mandate in a resolute manner rejecting the manipulators
and Chandrababu Naidu who has failed to fulfill his 2014 election promises.

Addressing a road-show as part of
electioneering here on Friday, he said, ‘ Chandrababu Naidu has amassed
ill-gotten wealth through corrupt means and the money is flowing in this
by-poll and the ruling party is repeating the same old promises which it did
not fulfill for the past three-and-a-half years.

They are distributing money and asking
the people to take an oath in the name of God that they would vote in favour of
the ruling party and the TDP is going against the moral code of conduct by
invoking God and using money power. Beware of such temptations which are
temporary in nature and set a long term goal and I assure you that this
constituency will be developed on the lines of my own constituency and
recollected the golden rule of YSR which will be rolled out soon.’

Do not fall prey to the small baits but
use your discretion and wisdom and vote in favour of YSR Congress candidate
which will spell doom on the corrupt politicians and their flip-flop policies
which are out and out anti-people,’ he said.

Since 2014 neither the chief minister
nor his cabinet ministers had come to this place even on one occasion and now
are swarming the place in droves due to the by-poll which shows the opportunism
of the government. Use your wisdom and cast your vote discreetly, he said.

He has promised many amenities to
Kurnool after he became Chief Minister starting from airport to IIIT, Industrial
Park and others but not a single promise was fulfilled which shows the
seriousness of Chandrababu Naidu.

He comes before the elections, doles out
promises and forgets all of them after the elections. This would repeat and I
humbly request you to vote with your wisdom and elect the right Party and
candidate, he said. 

Recalling the YSR term, he said, during
his term quality medicare and education was brought to the doorstep of common
man through Aarogyasri and Fees Reimbursement schemes. After Chandrababu Naidu
came to power the Aarogyasri scheme has been weakened and the funds were shrunk
drastically forcing the patients with life threatening ailments to remain
helpless and be at the mercy of the meager funds being allocated. Even patients
with renal failure and cancer have to wait in queue for long times for dialysis
and chemotherapy which is very serious, he said.

 While the compensation being paid
to common people for demolishing their buildings is much less than the market
value, he has been paying exorbitant rates to contractors and his coterie for
the works entrusted to them, he said. 

He has failed to waive loans of farmers
and women groups, failed to give jobs to youth and the unemployment stipend and
did not build a single house even. I assure you that housing and welfare will
take a front seat in the coming days and YSR rule is waiting to roll in and
your vote can make the difference, he said.

Chandrababu Naidu has all the arrogance
and is weighing everything with money. What I have is the legacy of YSR and the
people’s faith which will be sufficient to usher in the golden era of YSR in
the coming days. 

He appealed to the people to vote of fan
symbol and take forward the ideals of YSR.

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