TDP Lives On Threatening And Criticising Others

Kurnool: Chairman of PAC and YSRCP MLA of Done constituency, Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, complained that TDP worked with the aim of mistreating the MLAs elected by the people. He criticised KE Pratap, the in-charge of TDP in Done constituency and his brothers for threatening officials and imposing false cases on opposition party leaders and activists.Buggana questioned the TDP leaders how the persons involved in liquor business could be social servers. He complained that KE Pratap, who had links with liquor businesses in town, had been placed in Janmabhoomi committee under 'social server' quota. He commented that sale was being done for 10% more cost than the Government's selling price. He also questioned the justification behind getting the already-in-use buildings in the constituency inaugurated by deputy CM KE Krishnamurthy. He criticised that KE Krishnamurthy had been now initiating the schemes already implemented by the previous Governments. He demanded exlanation about who had sanctioned funds for these schemes.
Buggana ridiculed Somisetty Venkateswarlu for commenting about his bad state of mental health. He added that it was ignorant of Somisetty to think nobody knew about his faults. He reminded how he had gotten ousted from the position of the party's president as soon as TDP had come to power. He added that every petrol bunk and every grocery store in Kurnool would speak about his unlawful 'collections'. He declared that such a person did not even deserve to criticise others.

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