TDP Leaders Unfairly Gaining Benefits

Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan questioned the
justification behind giving away Special Development Funds (SDF) to TDP leaders. Finance
minister Yanamala Ramakrishudu spoke in the assembly regarding consumption of
SDF. He stated that there were no particular regulations for this and the CM
sanctioned it at his will. Leader of opposition YS Jagan then spoke regarding this
and announced his party’s intention to walk out.

YS Jagan stated that it was customary to give funds to MLAs for development
of their constituencies and added that late Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy had
sanctioned great amount of funds to MLAs. As TDP MLAs opposed this, YS Jagan
raised objection. He cautioned them not to talk out of half-knowledge and
commented that they were following Chandrababu’s footsteps.

He mentioned that Rs.5 crore was being sanctioned to all the members of
parliament irrespective of their party. He opined that the intention of this
was to make sure that development happened in the constituencies where each MP
represented 2 lakh people who had given him the victory. But here the situation
was totally different in the constituencies where YSRCP leaders had won, exclaimed
YS Jagan.

He mentioned that the TDP leaders who had lost in elections were being granted
funds and questioned how it was right. He specified that Kandula Narayana Reddy,
Aadala Prabhakar Reddy and others were receiving funds. At this point speaker
Kodela Siva Prasad withdrew the provision of microphone to him and it was
passed to TDP MLA Sravan Kumar, as the speaker did not want YS Jagan to read
out the names of the TDP leaders. Later YS Jagan was allowed to speak but
immediately the microphone was withdrawn again. Members of YSRCP condemned this

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