TDP Leaders' Undeserving Authority

Pamarru: YSRCP MLA and deputy floor leader, Uppuleti Kalpana, slammed the authority being shown by TDP leaders on the programmes held with the Government's funds. She criticised that the Government's programmes were being held like ruling party's events, violating the protocol.

Kalpana participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the new building of agriculture department on Gudiwada road in Pamarru on Saturday. Speaking on this occasion, she remarked it as the misdeed of agriculture department officials to make Varla Ramaiah, a TDP candidate who had lost elections to decide the date of groundbreaking ceremony, without consulting the local public representative.

Questioning how they could go ahead with a date convenient for a person who had lost elections and not even finding the availability of the elected representative, she mentioned that the agriculture department officials had only informed her about the programme on Friday night. She questioned if it was a democracy or a dictatorial Government and also questioned discarding local MPTCs and sarpanchs and inviting neighbouring Pamidimukkala's MPP to do the formality.

Kalpana remarked that it seemed like a party programme being done with TDP's funds. She criticised local MP, Konakalla Narayana Rao, for supporting this. She suggested that the officials should realise their mistake at least now and take the approval of the local MLA before planning any groundbreaking or inauguration ceremonies, following the protocol.
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