TDP Leaders Responsible For Amalapuram Land Scam

Amalapuram: YSRCP's coordinator of Amalapuram constituency Veesam Ramakrishna stated that TDP leaders were responsible for the land issue in the town. He mentioned that he was ready to quit politics if unable to prove it and challenged TDP leaders to do the same if he could prove it. Speaking to the media at Amalapuram, he complained that the responsible people were being protected from law. He slammed the Government for not appointing a special officer regarding the matter till now.
It has been revealed that attempts were made to swallow crores of rupees of compensation in case of valuable Government lands by misusing power and altering the records. Veesam Ramakrishna suggested that the real heads behind the scam would surface if action was taken on the officials involved. He complained taht certain ruling party leaders were trying to save the culprits in the issue. He commented that TDP leaders had forced for this scam to happen.
Veesam criticised that land acquisition in Nakkapalli was a repeated scenario of Amaravathi. He cautioned that YSRCP would protest if action was not taken by the collector. He indicated that the lands had been transferred to none other than TDP leaders and Janmabhoomi committee members.

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