TDP Leaders Join YSRCP

Nellore (Jaladanki): TDP leaders from BK Agraharam, Madineni Ramanaidu, Sk. Peda Mastan and certain other leaders joined YSRCP in the presence of former MLA and party leader Vanteru Venugopal Reddy. Speaking on this occasion, he mentioned that TDP activists also had been disgusted by the Government's ways, along with people. Due to TDP Government's failure to realise the dreams of the poor, there was a great resistance from their side towards the Government, he added.
He remarked that Chandrababu had forgotten the promise he made to the poor about getting good quality houses built for them. He criticised how the lands in Amaravathi area had been robbed and were being mortgaged to foreign companies in the name of capital city construction. He complained how the farmers and the DWCRA women had been deceived by not waiving their loans. YSRCP leaders Vanteru Ramachandra Reddy, Dayakar Reddy and Sk.Hazarat participated in the event.

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