TDP Leaders Hold Officer In Bondage

Guntur: Yellow leaders are doing atrocities under the mask of power. They hindered the election of mandal vice-president at Duggirala. They held elections officer Krishnadevaraya in bondage, much to the indifference of the police. YSRCP leaders expressed disgust towards the behaviour of the police and the TDP leaders. Among 18 MPTC members, 11 expressed support to YSRCP, giving way to the party's victory for the position of the vice-president. This led the TDP leaders to hold the elections officer in bondage.
Ruling party leaders also hindered the MPP election of Gopalapuram mandal of West Godavari district. They held MPTCs from participating in the elections, causing the postponement of MPP elections.
YSRCP leaders slammed the TDP leaders' atrocities in the state and are going to report the incidents to the Elections Commission.

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