TDP Leaders Are Sons Of toxic Rumours

Hyderabad: YSRCP's official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma condemned TDP leaders' making verbal attacks on YSRCP with ED attachments as an excuse. She slammed the rumours about YSRCP being shut down called their spreading toxic. She spoke against bending the reality of legal issues and spreading them. She exclaimed that it was ridiculous to call YS Jagan a culprit while TDP leaders were committing all the illegal activities.
She stated that YS Jagan had to face petitions and CBI inquiries due to the conspiracies plotted by TDP and Congress Party together. She condemned TDP leaders for mouthing at their will while the inquiry was still under way. She called them sons of toxic rumours. She remarked that frequent badmouthing YS Jagan by TDP leaders showed their failure to face him ethically.

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