TDP Leader Yarapatineni Indulges in Illegal mining

YSR  Congress Party Coordinator Gurajala Assembly constituency  K Mahesh Reddy alleged that the TDP leader and MLA Yarapatineni Srinivas indulged in illegal mining of costly minerals by evading crores of rupees of tax money to the government. 

Reddy said that YSR Congress lodged a petition in High court which gave clear instructions to the government to stop illegal mining in Kesanipalli, Nadikudi and  Konanki take up by the TDP leader. The MLA evaded nearly Rs 2.70 crore rupees of tax form the mining.    

The YSR Congress leader said it was unfortunate that the government did not stop illegal mining.  The petitioner Gurava Chary was also harassed and arrested by police. 

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