TDP Land Robbery In Visakhapatnam

  • Ministers condpire to rob 550 acres
  • Minister Ganta Srinivas Rap should be suspended
  • Partnership summits to rob the poor
  • YSRCP district president Gudiwada Amarnath
  • Visakhapatnam: Complaining that TDP ministers and MLAs were practising white collar land robbery in Visakhapatnam, YSRCP's district president, Gudiwada Amarnath, raised objection to snatching assigned lands of the poor by the municipal minister. He mentioned how the ruling party leaders were attempting to snatch the assigned lands in Bheemili constituency, represented by minister Ganta Srinivas Rao.

    Recollecting how Chandrababu had made numerous promises to the farmers of CRDA area during and pooling and later went back on his words, he remarked that things were being projected in a glorified manner in events like CII summit, but no results were yielded. Exclaiming that partnership summits were being held only to snatch the lands of the poor, he cautioned that the people were observing the TDP leaders' greedy misdeeds.

    Amarnath explained that 250 km of land was under VUDA control and 550 acres in Bheemili constituency represented by Ganta, was going to be snatched and a GO had already been issued. He expressed doubts about the municipal department issuing the GO and not revenue department. Mentioning how municipal minister Narayana and minister Ganta were already related, Amarnath complained that the duo had planned to rob Rs.500 crore-worth lands in Visakhapatnam together, by getting agreements signed by the poor.

    Recollecting how Ganta had earlier tried to rob Government's lands in vain, he demanded that Chandrababu should suspend Ganta and run probe on him, if he had any commitment. He cautioned that YSRCP would form the Government soon and take action culprits like Ganta who escaped punishment now.

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