TDP 'Gundas' Attacked Silpa Chakrapani In Nandyal

Nandyal: A day after by-elections to Nandyal Assembly Constituency was over, the TDP leaders indulged in violence in the town. A group of ruling party 'gundas'  attacked YSR Congress Party leader Silpa Chakrapani Reddy.  
Bhuma Nagi Reddy follower Abhiruchi Madhu fired five rounds at Silpa Chakrapani when he was returning after paying condolences to the minority leader Chimping at Suraj Grand hotel.  However, Chakrapani Reddy escaped unhurt in the firing. 
Silpa Chakrapani Reddy said after consoling the bereaved families he returned to Hyderabad.  A group of Bhuma followers intercepted his car.  When he requested them to remove thier vehicles,  the gundas started abusing him and also threatened to kill him with sickles and other weapons they possessed.  
Chakrapani Reddy said the TDP followers did not heed his request. His  driver was returning car back to Nandyal when they fired five rounds on him. Luckily,  he did not receive any injuries in the incident.  
Chakrapani Reddy said he lodged a complaint with police about the threat perception from TDP but no action was taken and also did not provide security to him. 
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